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Shur-Line Paint Edger Classic

Shur-Line Paint Edger Classic

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Achieve a straight line without taping around molding and trim! The Shur-Line Classic Paint Edger helps you achieve professional painting results. This handy and efficient tool makes it simple to work around molding and trim. The smooth rolling wheels keep the edger away from trim while gliding alongside to create smooth, straight lines along ceilings, doors, windows, chair rails and baseboards. Achieve a better finish with virtually no linting with the shed resistant knit pad for a smooth finish. Results are better than when using a standard brush. Tool eliminates the need for tape and the updated design with wheel guard reduces the chance of paint touching the rollers. Save time and money while achieving a beautiful painting result!

Shur-Line Classic Paint Edger for Smooth, Straight Lines

  • Create smooth, straight lines
  • Eliminate the need to tape around molding and trim
  • Guide wheels roll along trim and ceiling to control cutting in and eliminate taping
  • Paint a straight line along ceilings, doors, windows, chair rails and baseboards
  • Wheel guards to reduce the chance of paint touching rollers while painting
  • Shed resistant knit pad for smooth finish
  • Offers better finish than brush with virtually no linting 
  • For use with all paints and stains
  • Package includes: paint edger and paint pad
  • Replacement pads (sold separately) for multiple uses or multi-color projects
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