Bennett Microfiber pro Sleeve


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Micro Pro® is the best performing paint roller in North America. The Micro Pro® fabric provides excellent paint pick-up and superior paint release while covering more surface area than any other roller in the market: no spattering, no matting, easy to clean. Micro Pro® works on all surfaces and with all paints and is 100% lint free.Micro Pro® fabric is a proprietary fabric that we have developed together with our mills. The fabric undergoes a special manufacturing process that ensures that the roller does not lint during painting. After the winding and curing stage, we further process the fabric in-house to guarantee that our rollers hold and release more paint than the competition. We finish our rollers using a precisely controlled and elaborate process that includes carding, shearing, and beveling of the edges to guarantee that our rollers are ready to paint right out of the box.The Micro Pro® roller is extremely durable and can be used for 4-6 jobs without seeing a decrease in performance. This is the first roller of its kind where painters can use a higher pile height and have the finish of a lower pile height (a13mm pile height will have a finish of a 10mm pile height). Painters can cover a larger surface area while achieving a smooth finish that is normally associated using a lower pile fabric.

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